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Due to the current Covid 19 situation, we all have to make changes in the way we go about our daily lives, this includes whilst fishing. All going to plan, we hope to re open the fishery on Thursday, May 28th. We are making every effort to plan for your safety whilst fishing here as best we can in these unusual & developing times. We will follow and adhere to any changes in the Scottish Government guidelines & we ask you to do the same, so the below listed working protocals may be subject to change. We will try to keep everything as simple as possible, while still taking into account yours & our safety at all times. As such, you may wish to check back in here prior to making a booking to ensure you are updated to any operational changes!
As of May 28th 2020, you must follow these protocals!
1.) Fishing must be pre booked. No walk in anglers at this time. When you book, please state your name, date of fishing & estimated time of arrival.

2.) Experienced anglers only. Due to social distancing measures, we cannot tutor anyone.

3.) Bring all your own equipment, including NETS. We will not be renting out or loaning equipment at this time.

4.) Only 1 angler in the office at any time. No sitting inside for lunch either, sorry!

5.) There will be no hot drinks sold. Please bring your own flask. Cold drinks and basic snacks will still be available though.

6.) Permit holders only. As angler number have been reduced for your safety, there will be no guests or family groups allowed if they are not each in possession of a valid fishing permit. This just means that if you're not fishing, you cannot be here.

7.) The toilet facilities will of course be open. 


On top of our regular cleaning, please spray down any handles on the way out using the dissinfectant sprays provided.

8.) Signposted Hand sanitizing stations will be located at various points, including:
8.a The outside wall of the toilet block in the car park.
8.b On the wall just before you go into the office.
8.c The wall of the open sided shelter located half way around the Tarn.
*Please note that the changing hut will remain closed for the foreseable!

9.) Please be mindful of fellow anglers!.. Abide by the guidelines in regards to social distancing, which is currently the 2 meter space rule.

10.) If you have a temperature or feel unwell in any way, DO NOT venture out. Stay at home & seek medical advice if required. Contact your local GP practice or dial 111. If an emergency, dial 999.

11.) Staff may be wearing items of PPE in the form of a face mask or full face shield etc. Please don't take this personelly. This is equally for ours & your protection, as are any other measure we have put in place.

12.) Please pay heed to current government travel restrictions & guidelines.

13.) You can pay in cash as normal. But I will reiterate, that you MUST book ahead for fishing!..

The fishery gates open at 8am. Our current hours of fishing will be 9am - 9:30pm everyday, except Tuesday's, as we are closed this day each week!.

Tight lines, enjoy & stay safe!
*Iona @ The Tarn*
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