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Allandale Tarn Fishery is a  member of the Association of Scottish Stillwater Fisheries (ASSF)

Allandale Tarn issues a a warm welcome to all anglers and angling clubs.
The Tarn itself has over 100 years to mature, ensuring the
large numbers of aquatic & terrestrial insects that make Allandale a superb venue for dry fly and nymph fishing. Top of the water action can usually be found at some point in the day with Damsel nymphs being a particular favourite throughout the year.
The Tarn is stocked daily with quality Rainbow & Blue Trout, ranging from 1.8lb's up to over 18lb's, with Brown Trout & Tigers mixed in during the season. We now also have Artic Char.


Permit options

Fly Fishing catch & keep -

(Fish limit + catch and release after limit reached)

Day (9am - 4.30pm)                ~  4 fish+C/R       26.00

7 & 1/2 hours max

Any 4 hours                            ~ 3 fish+C/R         19.00

Evening Sessions                 ~ 3 fish+C/R         22.00

(from 4.30pm - closing) - Last 6 hours only

Parent and child (under 13)                               31.00

up to 7& 1/2 hours  ~ 4 fish limit shared+C/R                   

Parent and 2 children (under 13)                       36.00

up to 7 & 1/2 hours  ~ 6 fish limit shared+C/R   


Junior or senior (Mon~Fri)      ~ 3 fish + C/R      19.00

Any 7& 1/2 hours

Catch & release only

(Barbless hooks only on catch & release)

Any 4 hours                                                            14.50

7 & 1/2 hours                                                          18.00

Evening session (4:30 ~ closing)                         16.00

Last 6 hours only

Bait Fishing ~ Click here

to find out permit options & suggestions on how & what's catching best on the Bait pool.

Opening times at the moment:


Annual Membership

Annual membership to the Tarn is available for only 9 for any 12 months from date of purchase. This gives anglers 50p off every permit, 1/2 dozen of The Tarns favourite flies & a Free 7&1/2 hour permit after every 10 purchased. (either 2+C/R or C/R only)

Best Flies and tactics

The excellent natural feeding in the Tarn makes it especially important that the fly fisher is aware of what is currently on the trout's menu. Click to find an up to date report on what tactics have been working best!

History of The Tarn

Allandale Tarn used to be called the Victoria, named after the ruling Monarch of it day, Queen Victoria. It was originally used as a holding pool to refill passing steam trains and so is well over 100 years old. The biology has had this long to develop and is the secret to the incredible feeding in the Tarn. At this time, during the winter months it was also used as the local curling pool, but has long since been deepend & the Tarn's basin has been sculpted to create varied depths, suitable for different plant life & insect species.

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