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This page is updated regularly to ensure that all Allandale visitors are aware of the best flies and tactics to use for great sport. We use up-to-the-day reports from all our anglers who have had particularly good catches to make up this report. This report is as of 21/04/2017

Good morning all!. Apologies, I've been away from the computer for a few days, so starting to catch up!..
The Tarn has been fishing superb, with Shuttlecock Yellow Owl CDC's & Spiders being the favourite trout munching patterns yesterday on the fly. Black or Olive Buzzers have been consistent for some weeks now but lure patterns in the same tones also working, again off a floating line.

The Bait pool has also been fishing really well. Unlike the Fly side, most fish have been getting caught lower down in the water the past few weeks, with live worms or Pink Power Bait proving a firm favourite. The last few days m
ore fish are getting caught off the float again though, with worms being a prefered bait again.
No comps on this weekend & we are currently fishing until 6:30pm.

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