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This page keeps you updated with what's going on at one of Central Scotland's best fisheries.

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For bookings/enquirys, our number is (01506) 873073.



For bookings or enquiries, please call the fishery direct on 01506 873073.
Thanks folks!..

The gates open at 8am.
Our current hours of fishing are:

Monday 9am - 4:30pm.
Tuesday CLOSED.
Wednesday 9am - 4:30pm.
Thursday 9am- 4:30pm.
Friday 9am - 4:30pm.
Saturday 9am - 4:30pm.
Sunday 9am - 4:30pm.


*NOTICE from Allandale Tarn! Hi folks. The fishery will re open from this Saturday, the 20th.
*Iona @ The Tarn*


*NOTICE from Allandale Tarn! Hi folks. The fishery will be closed for a spell due to the weather. I'll update once it looks like we're opening up again. Air temps peaking into the 30's here today & it's been a roaster since last weekend here. Keep applying the sunscreen & we'll see some of you soon. Thanks!
*Iona @ The Tarn*


Hi! Just letting you know that the fishery will be back open tomorrow, Saturday the 23rd. We'll be fishing 9am - 10pm. Also a reminder that the Fly is booked out for the day session this Sunday until 5pm. Plenty of space for the back shift though.
For bookings or enquiries, please call the fishery direct on 01506 873073.
Thanks folks!

NOTICE: Just checked the water temperature tonight, so we've decided to close the fishery just until the weekend until the surface temps go down a bit
. All going to plan, we'll see some of you Saturday morning, where we're fishing 9am - 10pm. Thanks!


The fishery re opens this Friday, March 11th. The gates open at 8am and our current hours of fishing are be 9am - 4:30pm everyday, except Tuesday's as we are always closed this one day each week. Booking can be made now or you can just turn up on the day.
Tight lines in the new season folks!..

The fishery is currently closed for the winter. We will re open on Friday March 11th for the new season.

Notice from Allandale Tarn: *CLOSING OVER THE WINTER*. Please note that we are closing the fishery from December, through to March next year. The last day of fishing will be Monday the 29th of November! 

It's been an unusual & varied last 2 years or so at the fishery & I'm pleased to say busy, at least once we reopened after the 1st lockdown. We've pondered closing over the Winter the last few years, but have always fished on through for as long as Jack Frost permitted. However after about 35 years of all year round fishing,  I'm finally taking a break & hopefully going to catch up on my ironing! I might even get a head start on tying up more Yellow Owls & other favourite patterns, ready for the new season. 
Tight lines wherever you venture folks!  And hopefully we'll see you on the bank side in the new year!. 
*Iona @ The Tarn*

I've been keeping a closer eye on the weather forecast & with the temperatures for the week ahead looking well into the 20's again, likely 25 plus, the fishery will be closed for the next week. Oxygen levels have stayed good & the ph of the spring fed waters are superb despite current weather conditions, however the water surface temperature has been steadily increasing the last few days, so we'll give the fish a well deserved break. All going to plan, we'll re open on Monday July 26th! For updates, you can find us on FB or back here on our web site. Thanks folks!

FISHERY CLOSED!.. We are currently iced over, however in light of the new lock down rules, we would have to close the fishery anyway. Happy tying folks, stay safe & we'll have the kettle on once we can welcome you back!..

 The fishery gates open at 8am.
Our current hours of fishing are 9am - 4:00pm everyday, except Monday's & Tuesday's, as we are now closed these days over Winter!.


Hello folks! The fishery is back open! Due to the continuing C19 situation, please read our new page informing you of the new working protocals prior to coming fishing, found here: *SPECIAL NOTICE*

Tight lines & stay safe folks!


Hi all. In light of this afternoons Scottish government announcement,  as of 22/03/2020, we have made the difficult decision to close our fishery for the foreseeable. Look after yourselves & we'll have the kettle on when we re open again, after we're through the other side of this unusual event.
*Iona @ The Tarn*

Hi folks! I'm just letting you know that the fishery will be open as normal tomorrow & over the following days, unless otherwise advised by Government. We are considered a low risk business. Anti bacterial soaps are in the toilets as normal for your use and the office surfaces are cleaned multiple times in a day, as they always have been. I always wash my hands before making teas also, as I always have out of habit
. Otherwise, there is no need for close contact when fishing. As I keep stating, so long as you are not prone to kissing your fellow angler every time they land a fish, to congratulate them, you should be fine! Any snacks we sell are all individually wrapped & only the staff member is allowed to make teas/coffees, served in disposable cups. But of course, as always, feel free to bring a flask & munchies with you!..


*Please note. Do not bring your dog (or any pets) to the fishery with you. Boab lives here & 2 other friends dogs come to visit, but that's all & more than enough to clean up after.  I know it's nice to have your dog with you all the time, just not whilst you're here. Thankyou!


Tight lines in 2022!..
*Iona @ The Tarn*


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