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This page keeps you updated with what's going on at one of Central Scotland's best fisheries.

If you want to contribute anything to appear on this page, send your news and views to Iona at The Tarn!

For bookings/enquirys, our number is (01506) 873073.

Hi, just a wee note to say that there are NO clubs or competitions on at The Tarn on either water this coming weekend!..


No clubs or comps on The Fly this weekend, however the Bait pool is fully booked this Saturday until 4:30pm. For booking or enquiries, please call the fishery on (01506) 873073



*Please note, we are closed every Tuesday.

Our current hours of fishing are:
Friday, Saturday & Sunday 9am - 7.00pm.
Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 9am - 4:30pm.
Tuesdays as we are closed!..



Tight lines in 2018!..
*Iona @ The Tarn*


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