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Regarding the Bank National qualifier here at Allandale Tarn next season on Sunday March 19th. *We are currently FULL at this time, but I will take names for a reserve list though. Please bare in mind that deposits MUST be paid asap once you've put your name down. The sooner the better, but I will give entrants until the end if this year to get their deposits paid. If there are any not paid by then, then the next name on the reserve list will be notified that a space has become available. You can pay the 20 deposit directly at the fishery, post out a cheque made payable to Allandale Tarn Fisheries, include a note of what it's for & whom. Or you can now make a bank transfer using the below information.
Sort code: 82-69-34
Bank account: 10545415
Account name: Allandale Tarn Fisheries (a firm).
Please remember & add a note of who the payment is from & that it's for the Bank comp deposit (BC).
Names booked in to date:
1. David Eadie
2. Ian Scott
3. Greg Howe
4. Kieran Latto
5. Colin Sharpe 20pd
6. John Portous
7. Robert McCall
8. Ross Ramsay
9. Chris Mullholland
10. Richard Gray
11. John Donaldson 20 pd
12. Derek Hessett jnr
13. Allan Henderson 20 pd
14. Dylan Kefferty 20 pd
15. Jordan Rhind
16. Kevin Andrews
17. Kyle Courtney
18. Darren Brown
19. Ronnie Cooper 20 pd
20. Archie MacColl Smith
21. Jordan Carroll
22. Scott Mitchell
23. Chris Hunter 20 pd
24. Robert Golan 20 pd
25. Shawn Willson 20 pd
26. Robin Lambert 20 pd
27. Stevie Plank
28. Kenny Hunter
Competition rules

Eligibility/Obligation of Competitors
● This competition is open only to those anglers who meet the eligibility criteria to fish for Scotland as described by the governing body
● Competitors should be 18 years of age or older on the date of their 1 st heat
● Competitors must be permanently resident in Scotland for a period of 4 years and not represented another nation in the previous 5 years
● The fishing will be carried out in the spirit of, and with respect for, the traditions of our sport Competitors must respect the competition and local  fishery rules
● It is the responsibility of each competitor to take all safety measures, including eye protection.
● Competitors are not permitted to engage in any form of betting, including sweepstakes.

Duration and format of Competition
● Session times, peg draw and time at each peg will announced by competition official on the day of event
● Competitors will fish pegs on a rotation basis
● The competition will be points based
● There will be a briefing 15 minutes before each heat to confirm any local rules
*Wading is not permitted at Allandale Tarn.
● Chest waders are banned

Eligible fish/Care of fish
● Minimum size of fish will be 10 inches
● All fish must be netted to count
● All fish caught must be kept in net & in the water
● Only fish hooked in front of the rear edge of the gill cover will count
● A fish hooked in a session must be landed within 10 minutes of the whistle
● If a hooked fish swims into the adjacent peg, the competitor must play and net the fish from their own peg.

● One conventional fly rod no more than 12ft in length may be used at a time
● Competitors may have up to a maximum of 3 rods made up for use
● Any factory made floating, sinking or sink tip lines may be used, but no lead core lines
● Neither sinking nor floating devices may be added to leader
● A single monofilament leader may be used, up to a maximum of twice length of rod
● Material of net must be soft cotton or non abrasive material, preferably micro mesh knotless
● Landing nets must not exceed 250cms in overall length when fully extended
● Leader rings are allowed

● All hooks must be barbless or debarbed single hooks. No double trebles or tandem flies
● Competitors may use floating or sinking artificial flies
● No boobies, snake flies or the use of preformed rubber type material is permitted
● Only one FAB, which must be retrieved & not left static in the water, can be used at any time off a floating line only
● Fishery will indicate any other local rules
● A single visible bead, no more than 4mm in dimension is permitted and any additional weighting of flies is permitted, provided the weight is hidden in the dressing
● Painting alone does not constitute dressing
● Attractor chemicals and the use of light emitters to flies are forbidden
● Indicators may be used but must be a dressed fly tied on a dropper. It must consist of no less than 3 materials, paint/colouring is not considered a material.
● Maximum of 3 flies permitted to a cast
● All flies must be attached to the leader in such a way that neither they nor the droppers slide along the leader material.

Scoring and placings
● Competitors will receive 2 points for every 1st fish landed at every peg
● A further 1 point will be awarded for any fish thereafter
● There will be a limit of 5 fish per peg, i.e. maximum 6 points
● If peg limit is reached, anglers will stop fishing and remain at peg until  a move is indicated
● Competitors must record time of 1st fish on their scorecard
● In the event of a tie in the number of points, winner or qualifier will be based on greater number of fish and then time of 1st fish caught if still tied
● Competitors must record and confirm each fish with controller or official or nearest competitor when fish is landed
● Failure to record fish after any session will result in no points being awarded for that session

Results, Objections and prohibitions
● Results will be considered provisional for 30 minutes after official announcement
● Any protest must be made within 15 minutes of the end of the heat or final to Official present
● Heat Official may be fishery staff or competition Official
● Final Official will be Competition Official
● Decision of Competition Official will be final
● Any action by any competitor which would produce fraudulent or biased results is prohibited
● Any competitor found to be in breach of fishing rules e.g. using barbed hook, will have all points removed up to time of infringement.
● Subsequent breach of any of the rules will result in disqualification
● Lack of sportsmanship towards other competitors, fishery staff or Officials is prohibited
● Competitors may not receive material help during the competition
● Any consumption of alcohol is prohibited
● Any competitor who deliberately through any action does not comply with the Competition rules may be subject to disciplinary action by the Competitions Committee of the Governing Body of Game Angling in Scotland, SANA.

Thanks folks!

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